Brand building. New era of marketing.

Posted on : 27-May-2020  in  Small Business Hacks    by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Want new customers? Increased footfall on your website or store ? Advertise yourself using modern marketing strategy. It is cost efficient and effective. Use social media as a platform to build your brand.

Website store vs Social media business. Which is the better option and why ?

Posted on : 21-May-2020  in  Small Business Hacks    by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Online shopping and e-commerce is booming in todays world. So it is very important to create your website to sell your products. But a lot of people are conducting business via social media platforms. Which is not the right way to conduct their business.

Top 6 reasons to go for Ninjin online store builder.

Posted on : 18-May-2020  in  Shimbi Labs Products    by ShimBi Labs

Let's look at the top reason you should consider Ninjin for your online store.

Go mobile. Boost your sales. Grow your company

Posted on : 14-May-2020  in  Small Business Hacks    by Zainab Sohangpurwala

As people are spending more time on their mobiles and tablets, isn't it time to make your website mobile friendly. Mobile-friendly websites help in marketing products and business growth.

Have fun. Be creative with ShimBi Labs products. Housewives, and students live your dream.

Posted on : 11-May-2020  in  Shimbi Labs Products    by Zainab Sohangpurwala

ShimBi Labs products are not only useful for small businesses and freelancers but also good for housewives and students who are passionate about their hobbies. Put out your passion online and live your dream!

Say hello to Ninjin - Simple. Affordable. Powerful online store builder.

Posted on : 07-May-2020  in  Shimbi Labs Products    by ShimBi Labs

Today Shimbi Labs announces the launch of Ninjin as subscription service. Ninjin is a simple, affordable, yet powerful online store builder.

Basics of adding, updating, and managing leads in Mikan CRM: A Guide for Beginners.

Posted on : 30-Apr-2020  in  Shimbi Labs Products    by ShimBi Labs

Every lead is essential for small businesses because well-natured lead may eventually become a customer. In his blog post, you will learn the basics of managing your sales lead.

How to start your Blog using Budo website builder?

Posted on : 27-Apr-2020  in  Shimbi Labs Products    by ShimBi Labs

This blog post will explain how to start a blog for your business in 5 simple steps.

Shimbi Invoice - Automate your invoicing to get paid on time.

Posted on : 24-Apr-2020  in  Shimbi Labs Products    by ShimBi Labs

Are you working remotely? Explore the power of Shimbi Invoice Software to send your invoice on time from anywhere and get paid online, on time.

GST Composition Scheme for supplier of Goods & Services

Posted on : 15-Apr-2020  in  Small Business Hacks    by CA Prashant Khinvasara

In this article we are going to discuss about GST Composition scheme (in India) in the light of the introduction of Section 10(2A) by which services provider also become eligible for the composition scheme.

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